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School Programming

Far too many children DO NOT have access to mental health services and basic self regulation techniques. 

School wide implementation allows all children equal access to these services and supports. It is a really helpful set of interventions that complement any existing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum, and fits nicely in a multi tiered system of supports (MTSS) including PBIS.

School wide programming has been implemented in several schools in Manchester and Concord, NH, and data collected shows:

50% of children (grades 2-5) earned better grades.

85% of children could focus better in school.

86% of children felt more able to calm down when upset.

72% of children felt they could fall asleep easier.

61% of children felt they could make better decisions.

4% of respondents felt mindfulness did not help them.

Teachers grades K-5:

61% reported it helped students relate to another another

74% reported it helped students pay

88% reported it helped their students settle down 

69% reported it helped manage impulse control

76% reported their students had an increased in self awareness

mindfulness pic 2.jpeg

School wide implementation of mindfulness practices includes:

-Staff trainings

-Staff consultation/support

-In class instruction

-Parent support

-Visual prompts, scripts, and workbooks for teachers and students to use.

The entire program is not required, but is most helpful when implemented school-wide.

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